Looking to sell a property?

When home owners make the important decision to sell an investment property or their own home, their success often comes down to the sales agent and company represented them

Whilst relentless advertising by corporate real estate agencies promotes them as the ‘go to choice’, we strongly advise against this. Agents in these companies have set sales targets to meet, which often means your property is simply treated as another number on a spreadsheet.

Golden Gate is proud to take a drastically different approach to real estate sales. By placing our clients before our profit margins, we negotiate for prices that advance your interests and goals. Our sales services include:

  • Property appraisal
  • For Sale signs and advertising
  • Open inspections
  • Dealing and negotiating with potential buyers
  • Write-up and finalization of contract

We understand that every property has a unique identity, thereby requiring its own specific marketing approach. We truly believe in the effectiveness and ethical nature of our methodology, and trust that you will be happy with the final outcome if you choose Golden Gate as your sales agent.